Addition worksheets for kindergarten

When children are in kindergarten, they are only just beginning to learn about education and what that entails. Their minds are often full of imaginative thoughts that drives them to feel more inclined to play with their peers, but with the addition worksheets for kindergarten students, you can entice them to learn. Attempting to get them to spend time on their learning, especially in subjects such as math, can be trying at best. With these worksheets, you can combine their desire to play with their need to learn in a fun new way.

These worksheets feature simple addition problems that are easy for young children to solve. Each one sets the foundation for them to learn more complicated addition problems as the year wears on, helping to prepare them to graduate kindergarten and move on to the following grade level. These worksheets feature fun images of various flowers with colorful petals to the right of the addition problems.

On the left-hand side of the page are the addition problems. Each one will have a color that is associated with the correct sum of the addition problem. When the child correctly solves the problem, they can locate that color and upon finding it, look for the number that matches the answer in the image to the right. There, they can color in the image by number, allowing you to combine a fun coloring activity with math without your students even realizing that they are learning in the process.