First grade addition worksheets

First graders still have that desire to play within them, the same desire that they possessed throughout their year in kindergarten. With these first grade addition worksheets, you can engage their love of play and help them learn and memorize addition problems all at the same time. Attempting to get young children to sit down and learn when they feel hyperactive and playful can be a difficult task, but when you entice them with the fun of coloring by number, it can be hard for them to resist the offer.

What sets a traditional color-by-number page apart from these worksheets is that in order to find the number that is to be colored, students must first solve a math problem. These math problems are simple problems that allow children to learn and memorize everyday equations, helping to prepare them to learn more difficult math problems in the future.

These worksheets feature a set of addition problems on the left-hand side of the page. To the right of these math problems, there is an image of two cherries holding hands, attached to each other by their leafy stems. You will note that each component of the fruit features a number on it. The number is associated with one of the sums that the children will reach when solving the math problems. Beside the correct answer, children will find a color. They can then use the color to color in the image by number using the correct answer and the number that correlates with it.